The Page Stack

The Page Stack

Our Page Stack page type allows you the most options to customize your page's formatting, easily manage content, and even schedule Design Stack features.  

Creating A Pagestack

   Log in and navigate to the section you wish to add a Pagestack page to and click "Add A Page". 

   Select 'Page Stack' from the selection of page types 

   After selecting a page type you will give the page a title, select an optional sidebar layout, select the page order, and click save

Adding Content 

    Click on the title of the Page Stack you created to begin adding content. 

   7. On the left side of the page you will see stack items that can be dragged into the content area (perforated rectangle on the right). 
You can add more than one of the same stack items, allowing you to separate content into multiple easier to manage sections. 

We have many Stack Items to choose from: Click on the links below to learn more about how each stack works and how they can be used to showcase your content! 

     Each stack item has a variety of different options. 

Edit the title:
The title area for each stack item is only visible on the edit side of the website. It's can be used to easily Identify what the stack is being used for.

Choose a start/end date: The start and end date for each stack item controls when that content will be visible .
Choose alternative background color: This color whill appear behinde the stack item. 
Choose Alternative link and text colors.  This will change the text color of all text and or links within the stack item.
Add a background image:  Image appears behinde the stack item. 
The stack items have the ability to be built in advance and scheduled to appear and disappear from the site on a specific date allows you to work on your site when you are free rather than working your schedule around when things need to appear on your site.
Don't Forget to save your changes. 

The different formatting options offered by each stack type give you complete control of how your page will look and how the information is displayed and given to your viewers.
You can rearrange your stack items at any time simply by dragging and dropping your stack items into a new order which is saved automatically.


   Edit Button
  This Button can be used to edit the stack item. 

  Visibility Button 
  The Visibility Button gives you the ability to turn each stack item on/off to allow for editing on pages that need to stay Live.

  Preview Button 
   This button will show you a preview of the stack item you have just created with the content you have Saved before you make it visible on the site.
  This option will Permanently delete that stack item and its content. Once you click the trash can you must then confirm that you want to delete that stack item. 

Page Content can not be recovered once deleted. The visibility button allows you to turn the item off rather than delete items. 
** We are currently working on a new feature that will allow you to restore deleted content 01/15/2022**

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