Adding a News Feed Stack

Adding a News Feed Stack

When adding a News Feed is important to remember that this is just where the news will be displayed. In order to display articles in a News Feed, you will first need to create a news article page and news articles.  To learn how to create an article please see the Articles How do I create a News Article Page? &  How Do I Create a News Article?

1. Navigate to the editing side of your home page or desired page stack

2. Add a Stack Item by selecting your stack item type and dragging it into position on the right.

3. Your stack item will automatically be added to the page. Now you will want to click on the Pencil icon to edit the content and settings of the stack item

4. In the top left you will notice a blue bar with a pencil indicating the title of the stack item. You can rename the stack item for your organization.

5. You can give your newsfeed a heading indicating which news source (where you are creating the news articles) is feeding into the stack item.

6.  Select your News Page (Source of articles) and how many articles you want to display on the page. You also have options for lines to show between each article and to choose the appearance of the articles, either stacked on top of each other in rows across the page or as responsive cards side-by-side in a single row across the page.

7. At the very bottom of the stack item you can choose the settings for the stack item. Each stack item gives you the option to schedule a start and end date for it to appear and disappear from the website. You won't necessarily need to schedule the news feed as the most recent news article to be created will automatically be updated on the feed.

8. You also have options to set a custom background color, text color, and link/URL color

8. SAVE your changes.

You have now added a News Feed!

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