Two and Three Column Text areas

Two and Three Column Text areas

Two and Three Column Text areas are a great way to split all or just some of your text into separate columns. You can use these stack items for tabular data or to place content side by side.


   Open any Pagestack and select the "Full-Width Picture" Stack item from the Media menu.

   When you edit this stack item you will have multiple content areas. Column 1 will display on the left side of the page Columns 2 and 3 will appear to the right of Column 1. 

Make sure to click the green "Save button" after making changes.
Adjusting text alignment within a column will shift the text to the left, right, or to the center of the column in which it exists.

You can add text to the content area by typing into the box or you can use the tools in the CK editor to add images, videos, buttons, links, and more. 

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