Upload Document

Upload Document

   The Upload Stack Item has multiple views. You can display documents on the website or you can provide website users with links to multiple related documents.

    Open any Page stack and select the "Upload Document" Stack item from the Media menu.

   Click the Edit Icon to modify the new stack item. 

  You will now see the option to add a Header and/or details above the document stack item. You have access to the full CK editor.

   If you wish to display the PDF on the page you will select the "Single Document" display type.  Click on Choose a file and select the PDF you want to display in this stack item.

 Give your document a new name and save your work. Click back to the site to view your work. 

   If you would like to display a link to multiple documents use the "Multiple Documents" Display type.  Choose A background and click the "Upload Document" button. Choose the file you want to upload and name the document. Click "Upload Document" again to add additional files. 


   If you would like to display documents from a specific folder in the File Cabinet use the Directory of Document display option.  After Selecting the Folder you can toggle the visibility to individual documents by clicking the "Eyeball" icon. To add or remove files simply update the File Cabinet. 

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