Page Stacks: Using Announcements and Alerts

Page Stacks: Using Announcements and Alerts

To add a Scrolling Banner Announcement and Alert to your Page go to the Page you want it to display on. (must be a page stack) 

1. Click the plus symbol next to your stack items to add a new stack.

2. Select announcement and Alerts under 'General' or  'All' 

3. Click the edit Pencil next to the announcement you have just added. 

4. In this section you will add your content and manage the appearance of your announcements. 

            You can add as many announcements and alerts as you want. 

5. Select Create Announcement 

6. You have the option to link to a page within your site or link to any URL

7. Choose a title and add the details of your announcement you can choose a start and end date or leave this option blank. 

8. Select Save

9. Use the Visibility 'eye' to turn the stack item on. 

You have successfully created an announcement and alert. to add additional announcement and alerts select the edit pencil and Select create announcement again. 

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