Full Width Slideshow stack

Full Width Slideshow stack

Full Width Slideshow 

What is the Full Width Slideshow? 

The Full Width Slideshow stack item is one option for you to display images on your page. It is similar to the design slideshow available for your home page. The slideshow will be the Full Width of the content area on your page stack page. 

To add a Full Width Slideshow stack: 

Click the + icon to add a stack to your page (turns into pencil icon after clicking) - The Full Width Slideshow can be found under the Media section. To add it, drag it to the right. 

Editing your Slideshow:

To edit your slideshow and add photos, click the pencil icon. You will have the option to select photos from your photo drawer if they have been uploaded already, or you can upload them directly to the stack using the drag and drop box (clicking on the box will open your file explorer to select multiple images). You can copy the images to your photo drawer after uploading to the stack. You have 2 options on the slideshow order, random, or in the order specified in the stack. One important option is the Desktop Slideshow Image Options, you can either resize the image to fill the space (this may result in stretching the image, or cutting some off) or you can resize the image to make sure the full image is visible. You may want to test both options to see which display you prefer. The last 2 settings are the picture change interval and the slideshow height. You can increase or decrease the amount of time an image is displayed with the Picture Change Interval. The height of the slideshow can be altered to make your slideshow taller or shorter based on your preference, this number is in pixels. 
Tips on Images: 
The Alt Tag column has faces to indicate whether the photo has an Alt Tag for ADA compliance. You can add an Alt Tag, Caption, and link to a page by using the edit button for each photo. There are a couple of basic options for cropping and rotating your image in the stack itself, but it is best practice to upload the image ready to use and make any major edits in a program designed for photo editing beforehand, such as Canva. 

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