Landing Pages

Landing Pages

In this article, we will learn how to replace the traditional section with subpages with a page stack landing page. Using a page stack as the landing page makes it much easier to manage the content users see when browsing through a section with subpages. 

    The first step is to create a page stack within the section you are creating a landing page for. 

   Next, click on the page settings for the section you are working in. 

   Inside the page settings, you will use the drop-down menu to change the "Homepage" from the default to the newly created page stack


   Now that the landing page has been set you will want to add the subpage navigation to the page stack. Navigate to the editing side of the page stack by clicking the title of the page.

   Add the Subnavigation stack item to the content area

   Click edit on Sub Navigation stack item.

   Upload your Logo by dragging and dropping a file into the rectangle or click the words Drag and Drop a File Here to open a file browser. 
Select the background color and click Save in the top right corner.  The Stack item will take care of the rest! 

   Click "Back To Site" to view your new landing page. 

   On the Front end of the website, you will see the stack item has created buttons for every subpage within the selected section.  
(Colors are based on the site's design) 
New buttons will appear in this stack item anytime a page is created within the section it exists. 

Now that your section has a page stack landing page, you can continue to add content by moving in new stack items above or below the sub-navigation. 

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