The Podcast RSS feed and you.

The Podcast RSS feed and you.

RSS or Really Simple Syndication (est. circa 2002) aims to simplify your news viewing habits.  Think of it as the difference between streaming services and the store.  Anytime you need to get something from a store, you have to physically go there and pick it up.  The RSS feed aims to bring your items directly to you, like a streaming service.  Sites like Apple News and Reddit are currently RSS feeds that are curated for you or are very similar in format.

The RSS feed exports information in an XML file format to deliver this to your Aggregator.  The Aggregator is the first part of the software you will need to make the RSS feed work.  If you do not have an Aggregator when you click to subscribe to an RSS, the system will load the available XML script and that is all.  If you have the Aggregator, it will convert this XML into a subscribe button, where you can add this into your "feed."  The second is the Feed.  The feed is the information coming from the site to your Aggregator.  Anywhere you see this symbol;

indicates that the page is available for RSS syndication.  You will see it on the page like this;

Click on the icon and you should be taken to where you can subscribe to that particular feed
Click subscribe and this will be added to your feed aggregator.

Some browsers do not have the software capabilities to handle XML files, so you may need to download an RSS browser extension.

This extension will turn the XML script you receive into the Subscribe button shown above.

However, there is a major compliance issue with RSS.  None of the current, widely-available, modern browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, & Firefox) support it.  So, even if you do have all the correct components and script, RSS may not be available for use.
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