The File Cabinet

The File Cabinet

The File Cabinet is a convenient way to store your Photos, Documents, Audio/Video Files, and various Forms that you may need throughout your school year.  Let's look at the File Cabinet, it's Subsections, and how to use them.

There are four (4) subsections in every File Cabinet.
  1. Photo Drawer
  2. Document Drawer
  3. Audio/Video Drawer
  4. Form Drawer

The Photo Drawer

In your Photo Drawer, you can store pictures of various kinds for use on your website.  Every teacher account that is created will have a folder that is premade for that particular teacher, let's use our test teacher as an example:

  1. The Green Pencil is your edit button; this will allow you to change the name of the folder.
  2. The Red Trashcan is your delete button; this will allow you to delete, but only if empty
  3. The text is the name of your folder.
  4. The 'Manage Photos' button lets you into the folder.
Now, Mr. Scruggs' Photo Drawer is currently empty, this is the only way you will be allowed to delete the folder within the drawer itself.  So, to delete the file folder you must delete all the pictures inside.

Inside the drawer, you can upload your photos by Drag & Drop or by using 'SELECT PHOTOS' which loads an open file menu for browsing through the files located on your PC.

After you've uploaded your images, You should see information resembling this:

  1. The Red Trashcan Icon is your DELETE Button.
  2. The Checkbox will allow you to delete or move multiple items at once.
  3. There should be a preview of your selected image, located under this icon are two buttons, the frame is your Crop Image button and the arrow is your Rotation Orientation button.
  4. The width & height are the dimensions your picture takes up in cyberspace.  (1000 Pixels is a big picture)
  5. The Link/URL 'Image Path' hyperlink takes you directly to where your picture is stored on the server.  You can download the image from here if it is lost on your pc.
  6. The Date Added is when you uploaded this selected picture.
In the Photo Drawer, there is an option for the drawer to automatically resize all image widths to a size that you set

WARNING!  Resizing photos may distort images.

Uploadable File Types for the Photo Drawer are: .PNG, .JPEG, and .GIF

Also, If a teacher or staff member has left your site and that teacher has pictures that are being used in other locations and you delete all of their information, these images will no longer work, as their photo drawer with the image has been deleted.

So, before deleting a Teacher or Staff Member, you can move their Photo Drawer files to another location, by using the [Choose Folder] drop-down menu and moving the selected files to safety. But it is recommended you save the files first.

The Document Drawer

In your Document Drawer,  you can upload PDF, Rich-Text, Microsoft Office, iWork, Smart, Promethean, Mimeo, eBook, XML, Active Inspire Flipcharts, and Logger Pro Data files. After clicking on the "Select Files" button below, hold down the CTRL button (CMD on Mac) to select multiple files. The page will refresh after all uploads have been completed.

  1. The Green Pencil will allow you to edit the name of your Document Drawer.
  2. The Red Trashcan will allow you to DELETE your Document Drawer.
  3. This field will inform you whether your document is being shared or not.  If your document is being shared it will appear as a green checkmark.
  4. This is the name of your Document Drawer.
  5. This is your 'Manage Documents' button. It allows you into the selected folder.
To upload files, use the Drag & Drop field or choose 'SELECT FILES' which loads an open file menu for browsing through the files located on your PC.

After uploading your selected file, it should appear like this:

  1. The Green Pencil is your edit button, this will allow you to edit the title of your document.
  2. The Red Trashcan is your DELETE button, this allows you to delete your document.
  3. This is a checkbox for deleting or moving multiple items.
  4. The Link/URL hyperlink will take you to where your document is being stored.
  5. The Document Title is the name for your document
  6. The Date Added is when you uploaded your file.
The MAX supported file size in the Document Drawer is 64MB .

The Audio/Video Drawer

The Audio/Video Drawer is for uploading audio and video files. Your  website is responsive. Remember, in order to maintain a responsive environment, the allowed media upload file types are mp3 & mp4.  For a free way to convert your files click here!

Warning!  Large files will take a while to upload, so please be patient as your file is being uploaded. You may want to open a new window or tab and work on your website while your file uploads. Also, you will want to avoid naming your files with any special characters (i.e. &,?,!,$). This could cause your media file not to play.

Maximum Supported Files Size: 250 MBClick here to convert your files!

  1. Edit the Audio/Video File
  2. DELETE the Audio/Video File
  3. Name of the Audio/Video File Folder.
  4. Management of the Audio/Video Folder
Your Audio/Video files will appear like other items in the Drawers.

  1. The Green Pencil is for editing the title of your file.
  2. The Red Trashcan is your DELETE button.
  3. A checkmark field for moving or deleting multiple items.
  4. Load Closed Captions tracking to an Audio/Video file.
  5. The name of your file.
  6. The title of your file.
  7. The size of your file.
Remember, if your video or audio file is not loading or playing correctly on the site, you may need to compress the file. 
The MAX. supported file size is 250 MB. Big Ole' File? Convert it!

The Form Drawer

Your Form Drawer is where you can store, create, and edit the various forms you will need throughout the year.

  1. The Red Trashcan = DELETE
  2. The Blue Double Paper icon is the copy Form function.
  3. The Title of your form.
  4. The 'Edit Form' button will allow editing.
You may be asking yourself; "Self, can I add additional folders in these various drawers?" Answer? You may make as many additional folders as needed within the various drawers, but no sub-folders i.e. folders within folders.

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