Photo Album / Slide Show

Photo Album / Slide Show

1. First, you need to create a photo album.  Click "Add Page"



2. Under the Media category, you will select "Photo Album" as the page type then select Next.





3. Name your page and add sidebars if desired. Save the page.




4. Back under Manage Pages, you should now see your new Photo Album

***If you don't want the album to be visible aside from the slideshow turn off the visibility by selecting the light switch to the right.***




5.  Click the title of your Photo Album and here you can add images that you want to show up in your slide show.

  1. Use Option 1 to select Photos from your computer
  2. Use Option 2 to select Photos from a Photo Drawer in your File Cabinet



6. Once photos are uploaded to an Album you will want to Caption each photo to stay ADA Compliant. You will go to  Manage Photos < Type in the Caption < Click update Caption. You will do this for each photo.


7. Now that we have photos added to the album.  Go to the page you want to add a slideshow to. (The page must have a text editor.)




8.  Select the slide show icon from the group of media icons on the bottom of the toolbar. It looks like a white rounded square with a black rectangle in the center.


9The Insert Slide Show window should appear. 

          ***Here you can select options for the slide show.

                           - Slide Show Placement: You can add text wrapping which will wrap text on the page around your slide show. 

                           -  Choose a Photo Album: This is where you select the album we created so the slide show will use the pictures from that album.

                           - Slide Show Size: Sets the size of the album.

                           - Make Slideshow Images Random: Randomizes the order of the images.




10. Once you're satisfied select Insert Slide Show.  You should now see your slide show in the text box.  Click the Update button in the bottom left to save the slide show to the page.




                                    Your slide show has now been added to your page! 


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