Logging in to Social Media Settings

Logging in to Social Media Settings

To be able to post to Facebook or Twitter you first need to log in and grant us access to the pages/accounts you manage for the school or classroom:

1. Log in to Site Administration and go to the "Settings" area of your Control Panel

2. Go to the "Social Media Settings" section

Now we can log in to Facebook, Twitter, or both by clicking the "Log In" button underneath your selection

Logging in to Facebook:

When you click the "Log In" button for Facebook you will be taken to where you can log into Facebook, or if your device remembers your account, where you can enter your password to confirm the account you wish to use:

Next you will be asked which pages you want to give Gabbart access to. Check the box for each page you want to be able to post to from the website. Then click "Next"

You will then be asked what Gabbart is allowed access to. Make sure each option is checked "Yes" for you to be able to post pages, articles and messages to your Facebook page. Then Click "Done"

You will receive a successful link message. Click "OK" to be taken back to the website.

You should now see your Facebook profile picture indicating that your account has been linked:

Select a page

Next we need to select which Facebook Page will be your default "Post to" page. All posts will automatically be posted here. If no page is selected your social media post will not be successful.

Use the "Post to page" drop down to select which of your Facebook Pages you would like to make your default:

Please note: If you do not have access to post to your school's Facebook page or another Facebook page (a classroom or activity page that you have created or been given access to) then you will not have the ability to post from the website. Please see your Facebook and website administrators for access.

Once you are successfully logged in and have chosen your default "Post To" page you will see the icon for that page as well as your profile picture.

Logging in to Twitter

Next to login to your Twitter account by click the "Log In" button underneath your Facebook information. 

When you click the "Log In" button for Twitter you will be taken to where you can log into Twitter, or if your device remembers your account, where you can enter your password to confirm the account you wish to use:
You will see a success message and be redirected back to your website. 

Back on your site you will see your Twitter profile image and the option to Log Out of Twitter. 

Other Social Media Information 

Below your Log In option's for Facebook and Twitter is your 'Other Social Media Information' section.  

You will want to input a  Facebook Preview Image in this section. A good option is a school logo or mascot image. The photo must be at least 200x200 this will be used as a thumbnail image that will display when information is pushed to your Facebook if there is no photo associated with the page.

If no thumbnail is uploaded in this section Facebook will pull the last image on this page (Twitter icon) 
Below that you will have the option to include links for all of your social media information including Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, and Google+. This will create clickable icons in your contact modules along with your contact information. 

Posting to Social Media  

Now that you have logged into your Social Media accounts and given the site access to post, anywhere you see the 'Share to Social Media' option you simply need to check that box to allow your pages, notifications, documents, forms, events and many more to be pushed to your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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