Moving Teacher Pages

Moving Teacher Pages

When a teacher moves campuses or their pages need to be moved to a different location in your website these are the steps you will want to take.

Login to Site Administration and go to User Management and select Teachers


Choose the Move option

Please note that a district with multiple campus sites will have the additional option to choose to move the teacher to a new campus site as well as which section of the new or current site they want the teacher's micro-site to be moved to.

A district with a single site will only have the option to move the teacher's micro-site to a new location in the existing site.

Choose the teacher you want to move from the first drop-down. Your options will reflect where their pages are currently located.

The next drop-down will allow you to choose which school or campus you want to move the teacher to.

    (For multi-site, single-site please skip to step 5)

The next drop-down will allow you to choose where in your site you want their Teacher Pages (their micro-site) to appear.

Do NOT skip this step.

 You will then give your teacher their new title if they have changed or leave it alone if they have not. You cannot leave this blank so be sure to know what the teacher's new title is before you start.

 The last drop-down will allow you to choose which directory you want the teacher to appear in. If the directory does not change you still need to select which directory they belong in.

Don't forget to save your work. In this case, you will select 

 Your teacher should now be moved. Be sure to check your work to make sure they appear in the directories correctly and their teacher pages are located correctly.

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