Using Live Edit on Page Stacks

Using Live Edit on Page Stacks

We've recently improved the Live Edit feature on Page Stacks!  It now allows you to quickly edit, hide and rearrange page stacks without ever leaving the front page!  This will make hiding unwanted page elements or updating dates and text in text-areas super easy to do.  In this article, we will show you how use Live edit to make these changes quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: Navigate to the page stack we want to edit.

Step 2: Next click on the Live Edit button at the top of the screen

Step 3:  Edit your page!

When you click the Live edit button you will see the page expand to include all page stacks including invisible ones. This new feature gives several options for editing the page without having to navigate away from the page itself.  The page will expand and look similar to the image below:

There are three main buttons when using Live Edit.

This is the "Move" button.  You can drag the stack you see this next to and reorder the content on the page anywhere you need it to show.  The video below gives a brief glimpse of how this works.

Toggle Visibility
This is the "Visibility" button. By simply clicking this, you can toggle the visibility of the stack to hide the content or make it visible again. A green icon means the content is visible and a red icon means it is invisible

Edit Content

This is the "Edit" button. This will give you limited options to edit the content with certain stacks such as text areas, quotes, and image captions.  (Not every stack item has this capability)

This new tool should ease the burden of having to reload the Site Administration section just to make simple changes to certain page stacks.  More improvements to this are to come in the future!

Please reach out to us at 877-810-6894 if you need any assistance with your site.

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