Embedding a Google Calendar

Embedding a Google Calendar

1. Go to your Google Calendar

2. Click the three dots next to the name of the calendar and go to Settings and Sharing

3. First you will need to make the privacy settings for this calendar Public by going to the Access Permissions area of your calendar settings.

4. Next check the box to "Make available to public" and use the drop down to select "See all event details"

5. Now you will need to locate the Embed Code. It can be found in the "Integrate Calendar" section of your calendar settings.

6. Customize your Calendar by using the Customize button.  Once the Calendar is to your liking, click the copy icon in the top right corner.

7. Go to your Gabbart Site and to any page with a Text Editor. Click Source and then paste the Iframe code you copied from your google calendar into the white text area. 

8. Click Source again and you should see an IFrame appear. Right-click the IFrame and go to IFrame Properties

9. Set your size options here. Width and Height and enable scroll bars. Click OK.

10. Left-click the Iframe and then click on the Center Alignment tool to center the I-frame 


Save your work and go "back to site" to see the calendar.  

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