How do I create a HYPERLINK?

Creating a Hyperlink

Creating a text link or 'hyperlink' allows you select a word, phrase or image that, once clicked, will take the viewers to another page within your site or to an external site. A text link can be used in any text editor on your website. 

This feature will work best in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not as compatible with this editing feature. 

1. Open a text editor on the page you would like the link displayed. 

2. Type the word or phrase that you would like to use as the hyperlink and highlight the portion that you would like to make a clickable link. 

3. Once you have highlighted the word or phrase you would like to use as a hyperlink, click the 'LINK' tool. 

4. The link tool opens a small pop-up window where you will paste the web address or URL to the site you are linking. A URL or web address can be copied from your web browser address bar. Highlight the web address, right click and select copy. 


Please note that you are able to link by using the available drop downs to:
a.) page within your site b.) a document in your document drawers and c.) a shared document
Don't forget to TEST the link that you want to link to. Paste it into a new browser to see that it does work.

Caution:   This hyperlink is set to redirect the current page by default. You can choose to open your hyperlink in a new pop-up window. 

Some Browsers have a pop-up blocker enabled and will prevent your target page from opening.

5. Choose how the page is opened when the link is clicked, you can do this by editing the TARGET. There are several options, and by default the link simply redirects away from the current page. You can choose to open your hyperlink in a new pop-up window.

6. Be sure to click the 'OK' button to save when finished!

7. Be sure to click 'UPDATE PAGE" before navigating away from the text editor. 

You can link text or images using this method also.

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