How do I add a a PDF to a single document page

How do I add a a PDF to a single document page

1. Log in and go to your Micro-site. Do this by clicking your name under Pages.

2. Click Add a Page to this Section

3. . Select Single Document as the  Page Type. 

4. Enter the Title of the page and set the order and then add Sidebars if you wish. Click Save.

(Back under Manage Pages in this Section)

5. Look for the page you created. Click the name-link.

6. This brings you to the single document upload area. You have three options. Select the option that works best for you.

Option 1: This allows you to upload a document straight from your device it also places it in a document drawer folder for you.

Option 2: This allows you to select a document from your document drawer that you've uploaded previously.

Option 3: This allows you to access the Shared Document drawer. This drawer is accessible by all users of the website.

Once your document has been added you will see it displayed by its file name. You can change it at any time and update this by clicking save.

Your PDF document will look similar to this back on the front end of the website.

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