Creating News Articles

Creating News Articles

To create a News Article on an existing News Articles Page:

1. Login to Site Administration and go to Pages. Locate your News Articles Page and select it by clicking on the Name of the page.


2. Title your Article and give the article a specific start and end date. 

3. SKIP the Description section. We will come back to this after we have written our article.

Do not put an end date for your article. This wipes it from the system and prevents parents from looking at older articles. It will appear to them as if the article had never been created. To prevent this information from being lost to your parents/students SKIP the End Date option.

5. Next you can Add a picture to display above the article information. This can be used to give your readers/viewers some idea of what the article will be about.

Pictures can be added 2 ways:

Option 1: Upload a new picture.

    For this option you will Choose a File from your computer. You will then Copy the image to a photo drawer folder. Be sure you choose the correct folder to save this photo in. I recommend creating a Photo Drawer Folder Titled "News Photos" for this purpose.

Option 2: Choose a picture from the Photo Drawer.

    For this option you will use the drop down to select a folder in the photo drawer and then choose an available picture. These are pictures that have already been uploaded prior to this that you may want to use and can include photos that you have used for other News Articles for the same topic. Example: a generic Fundraiser Awareness picture for all fundraiser articles or a photo specific to a class, extracurricular, or campus.

6. Next you will write/create your article in the text editor provided.

This text editor has all of the functions and features of every other text editor available through Gabbart and you can find more detail on how to use this text editor in the Article Getting Started: Single Page

You can add pictures or slideshows, videos, audio, etc. in the article itself that will open to be viewed when a reader selects "Full Article" from the front of the website.

7. You will then Create Article.

8. To view all articles that you have created and to verify that your new article has been saved, go to Manage Articles in this Section.

9. You will now be able to see all articles created in this section as well as when they were added.

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