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Campus Life - Calendars


You can also update your website calendar from the Campus Life app.

Part of your menu options allow you to choose which calendars display in the app. Note: You can only choose to display the calendars you have been given rights to. If you need rights to additional calendars please contact your Web Administrator (Webmaster).

Before you start work in the Calendar portion of the Campus Life app, be sure your calendar is chosen in the Menu (often referred to as the "hamburger menu" because of it's 3 stacked horizontal lines).

Create an Event

To create a new event click the (+)PLUS in the upper left corner.

If you have editing rights to more than one calendar and have chosen to view multiple calendars in the app, the first option you will have is to choose which calendar you want to publish the event to.

Give your event a title, a start date, end date, time, and a description. Choose your repeat options as needed. You can also choose to post the event to your social media account.

When you have finished creating your event, click CREATE in the upper right corner.

Edit an Event

To edit an event, simply click on the event title and click EDIT in the upper right corner.

You will notice that events created via Google calendar cannot be edited from the app. Only events created in the Gabbart Calendar can be edited.
Note: Events created in the app will publish to the calendar on your website, it will not update your google calendar.

When you are finished making your changes click UPDATE in the upper right corner.

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