To create a new form you will go to your File Cabinet and select your Form Drawer.  In this section you can simply input the title of your Form and select 'Create Form'. 

You can also click 'Edit Form' next to a form to edit any form you have already built. 

Step 1: This is the area where you start setting up your form.

You can use a Gabbart Form that has been pre-made by using the drop down and then select Preview Form to see what it looks like. If you wish to use that form you will collect use form.

The submit to section is for placing the emails of the people you wish to get the form submissions. If you add multiple emails you separate them with commas.

The sub-title section is where you can add a title to the form that might be different than the name of the page.

The message section allows for you to type addition information you may wish the submitter to know before they fill out the form.

Step 2:

This area allows you to set the styling of the form. There are  two options. 

Simple Settings allows you to pick the style and color that applies to every element in the form.

Advanced settings gives you more options to customize. 

Step 3: This allows you to set what inputs will show up to be filled out by the end user.

There are text areas, check boxes, and even an area to allow you to upload files.

There are many options you can use, and for most you can set the Character limitations both min and max as well as requiring a field to be filled out before the form can be submitted.

Step 4:

This is the final step of the form and here you can either type up a completion message or use the  default. This is also the step where you save your form.

You also have the option of posting a message to Facebook with a link to the form.

You can use forms as a Design Stack or use it as a full Page

To use this form as a Page Stack I will go to the page I want the form to display on--> Select the plus sign to add a new stack item 

Select 'Tools' or 'All' --> Click the Forms Option to add the Stack item to the page. 

The Form page stack adds to the page. 

To manage the form that Display Click the Pencil 

Choose a name for your stack item. 

You will use the drop down menu to select the form you Built 

It also gives you a link to your Form Drawer to create a new form. 

You can choose a start and end date. Or simply turn the visibility on and off manually. 

Our Design stacks allow you to customize each stack items background color and text color. On a form you make these Selections within your form builder.

Click Save

Use the 'eye' to turn the Visibility on for this Form. 

To add a form page Simply go to the section you want the form you built to appear. 

Click add a page to this section and select the form page type 

Select a title of your Page and save the page. Click on that title to manage your form. 

Use the drop down menu to select the form you want to use and select save form selection. 

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