External/Internal Links Page

External/Internal Links Page

What is the difference between internal and external links?

Internal links are links that direct users to a page on your website, whereas an external link directs the user to a reputable page on a different website.

Navigate to the section you wish to add a links page and click on " Add A Page", "Links," and  "External Link"
You will be able to choose whether this is an internal or external link later on.

You will then add a Title to the page and click the green "Save" button
You will not need to select a sidebar Module Layout for this page type as this page will not have its own content. It will only redirect users to another page.

You will see the page you just created in the Manage Pages section. Click on the title of the page to edit the link.

Here you will be given the option to select if this is an internal link or an external link. 
Choose Internal Link if you are linking to a page that is on your school website.
Choose External Link if you are linking to a page that is not on your website.

If you are setting up an Internal Link page you will select Internal Link and use the drop-down menus to select the page you want to link to.
Be sure to click the green "Update" button once you have made your selection.

If you are setting up an External Link page you will select external Link and paste your URL/web address in the filed provided.
Be sure to choose how you want the link to open and click the green "Update" button.

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