Embedding Google Slides

Embedding Google Slides

 In google slides, open the presentation you would like to embed

1.  Click on File and select Publish to web    

2. Click on Embed (listed next to the link options) and pick your size from the Slide Size drop-down, select how quickly the slides will change, and click on publish.

optional setting "Check the box to Start slideshow as soon as the players loads"

optional setting "Check the box to Restart the slideshow after the last slide"

3.Click Ok when asked if you are sure you want to publish this slide

4. Highlight and copy the embed code now listed above the publish button.

We are now ready to insert the slide show into your webpage. 

This can be inserted into any page or area with a text editor. 

5. Click the Insert Video Button on the text editor

6. Under Option 1, paste the copied code into the box labeled "Embed Code" and click on insert streaming Video!

7. Finally, save or update your page and go back to the site to check your work! 

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