Embed a FB Live video

Embed a Face Book Live video (Firefox Browser)

The instructions below outline the process using a Browser that supports Facebook Live Producer ( Firefox)
There are several variations between browsers that complicate this process. We have found the most streamlined usage is with Firefox and have outlined the steps here. If you cannot use Firefox and are using another browser option your steps may alter from those outlined below.

You will want to do this from the school's Facebook page. 
Step 1: Log into Facebook and click on Live Video.

If Live Video Is not showing up you may need to click the More option

A pop-up window should appear. 

Step 2:  Choose the Camera /microphone from the Dropdown menu and click "Allow" 

We are now ready to schedule the video! 

Step3:  Click on (Schedule a Live Video)

Step 4: Set the date and time, Make sure you select to "share to a page you manage" and not your live feed and set the post to public. Click "Schedule."
Do NOT copy the embed code until after you have scheduled the Live Feed 

5.  Click close or the little x in the right corner of the popup window 

6. Go into the settings and under the stream option you will copy the embed code. 
Make sure the "allow embedding" box is checked

 We will now go back to the school website, and to the page, we want to embed this video into.
The video can be embedded into any page with a text editor. 

7. Click "Source" in the text editor and paste your embed code into the text area. 

8.  You will click Source again and then you will see an Iframe in the text area. Click the green save button. 

You can highlight the Iframe square and use the positioning tool to center the video on the page.
You can also add text above or below the video. 

9. You can now click Back to Site to check your work. You should see the preview for the video! 

You are now ready to go live!!! 

10.  Go Back to FaceBook Live and look at the upcoming Live Videos. When You are ready Click go Live 

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