Editing your Main Links

Editing your Main Links

In Site Administration, located under Pages, the black tab titled "Main Links" is actually a clickable link.

Opening the Main Links tab under pages in Site Administration opens the Manage Pages function for your home page.  If you need to add a new tab to the top of your website, adding a page here will also add a tab.  Turning off the visibility of the page will remove the new tab, but will keep the page intact.  

There are several functions located in this section;
1. Move
      The quad-directional arrow will allow you to adjust the page/tab position.  By clicking and scrolling, you can move the page as desired.
2. Edit
      The green pencil will allow you to edit the title for the page, edit the sidebar modules for the page, and adjust the order for the page like the move function.
3. Title
      The blue title for the page is hyperlinked and clicking will take you to the page.
4. Page Type
      This is a descriptor for the type of page.
5. Lock
      Will open Page Security settings for the page, where you can lock the page under a username and password you choose or you can set the page login to be compatible with either District or Campus login credentials.  You can also display a brief message.
6. Search
      Clicking the green magnifying glass search icon will remove the searchability for the selected page.  This is an excellent option for pages that require extra security.
7. Visibility
      Clicking the Eye icon will turn on/off the visibility function for the selected page.  This option will allow you to hide the page from the users' viewpoint but will allow you to keep the page and its' content intact.
8. View
      Clicking the page and magnifying glass icon will take you to view the selected page.

Located at the bottom of the Main Links will be a Relocate Pages function where you will be able to move pages as desired.  You will select the page you wish to move from the 'Move Page:' drop-down menu, then select the page you wish to move the page to in the 'To Section:' drop-down menu and then select 'move' and the page will be moved as indicated.  
BE AWARE; while this process may seem relatively uncomplicated, we assure you IT IS NOT
Please avoid moving the Home Page

Moving The Section W/ Subpages type page:

Currently, there is no way to move the Section w/sub page type.  However, there is a work-around;
Click the <>SOURCE button, located in the top-left hand corner of your text editor and this will convert all of the information in the text editor into its' Source code equivalent.  Then you copy this code and past it into a new section w/sub type page.  The formatting for your information (i.e. font style/size/color, pictures, graphics, links) is written into the source code and when pasted into a text editor will transfer.  Now, Source must be activated in the text editor or the code will be read as plain text.  Then you can move any subpages with the relocate pages functions, that are not sections.

Please be aware that moving some pages can be a tricky process ie; moving a profile page across campus can affect a directory page.  For the majority of pages, moving is perfectly fine, but it is dependant on what information is tied to that page.  If you experience any issue, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.
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