Duplicate Entries on the Master Directory

Duplicate Entries on the Master Directory

Sometimes there will be a need to have personnel listed in multiple directories. If both or all of this directory of people pages are selected
as sub-directories to the master/district directory, you will see multiple instances in the Master directory (duplicate entry).
If you would like to hide one of the entries from the master directory you will need to edit the entry on the desired directory of people page. 

Here we are looking at the editing side of a master/district directory.  We have two directory of people pages selected Faculty Directory and Support Staff Directory

Notice that on the front end of the District directory Nathan James Is listed twice. This is because Nathan is listed in both of the directories feeding the master directory. 

To hide one of these entries from the Master/District directory page we will navigate to the directory page that houses the entry we wish to hide. 
In this example, we will hide the Faculty entry for Nathan James. 

Step 1: On the editing side of the "Faculty Directory" click the Edit Icon next to the desired entry

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and check the box next to "Do not show this person in a district or campus directory."
Once you have the box checked click update to save the changes.

On the front end of the district directory, Nathan should only have one listing from the (Support Staff directory).
(Nathan is still listed on both of the directory of people pages but we have hidden the faculty directory entry so that it will no longer show up on the Master/District directory

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