Changing Background Color

Changing Background Color

Notice: The options may not be available to you and are subject to your districts discretion if you have these options.

Option 1

1. Go to the page you wish to change the color of. I am using my homepage as an example.

2. At the top of the content area there are color palettes. These are colors chosen by our Graphic Artist that look best with your school colors.

3. Select the color palette option you like and you'll see the page color changes. Click update to make the changes final.

Option 2

1. Go to the page you wish to change the color of. I am using my homepage as an example.

2. At the top of the content area in the left hand corner there is a Set Page Background Color box.

3. Clicking the box pulls up a color selector window. Select your color. The eraser will remove color if you decide you don't want a background color.

4. After selecting your color you will see the page has changed. Click update to save the changes and keep the color as the one you selected.

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