Bulk Updates and Bulk Employee Profile Picture Upload

Bulk Updates and Bulk Employee Profile Picture Upload

You can easily update names, titles, Staff ID, and Profile Pictures. 
To update multiple Teacher accounts please log in to your Site Administration

1. Go to User Management

2. Click Teachers

3.  Select Import

4.  Select Bulk Update (To update Name's and Title's)

5. Click 'Choose File' to browse your computer for the CSV file. 

Please make sure that the header of your CSV file matches our Sample header to ensure your information will display correctly. 

6. Click Upload

With the update staff ID tool you can use a CSV to update every user's ID in your website. 

To update your employee's Profile Pictures you want to first make sure that your Staff ID's match up with correct Photo's file name. 

1. To update your User's Staff ID's click bulk update Staff ID

2. Click 'Choose File' and Upload your CSV file with your Teacher's Email addresses and Employee ID's 

The uploaded image must be named the employee's ID (i.e. Jane Doe's image is named 12345.jpg where 12345 is Jane's ID)

3.  You will then be redirected to this page where your Teacher Email's and Staff ID's are displayed at the bottom in green. 

4. Click the 'Back' button once you are satisfied with your updates to be redirected back to the Manage Teacher section 

Here is how you upload new employee profile images!
1. Click Upload Pictures

2. Click the 'Select Photos' button or Drag and Drop the file with your Teacher Profile Images in the outlined box. 
The image uploaded must be named the employee's ID (i.e. Jane Doe's image is named 12345.jpg where 12345 is Jane's ID)

Once completed your images will appear below. 

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