Attendance Notification Settings

Attendance Notification Settings

Attendance Notification Settings

Locate the Attendance Settings in the Site Administration, under the Messaging tab. 

Create Groups

  1. Add a Group Name
  2. Include Site IDs for each campus 
  3. Select the grades to include
  4. Set the call time for Morning, Afternoon, and/or Evening

Complete the following steps to finish setting up the group: 
  1. Select the Call From Phone Number
  2. Add a custom Outro Message ( Optional) 
  3. Choose e-mail, phone, and text notification (if applicable) 

Finally, Select the Nightly Report type to be sent, and add an e-mail address that should receive the reporting. 

 Click the "Create Group" button. 

Attendance Codes

Add the Attendance Codes and a brief description

Manage Codes

At a glance, you'll be able to enable and disable groups as well as have a visual representation of the types of messages that are being sent and when. You will also be able to edit and manage the existing groups in this section. 

Run Manual Reports

Locate the Attendance Reporting tab under Messaging

  1. Select the date range to pull data from
  2. Select the type of report (The Full Report or only the Failed/Undelivered Report)
  3. Choose whether to include the archived history or exclude it
  4. Select an available group to view the report

Click the Group button to view and print the report.

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