Adding a document to a Multi-document page

Adding a document to a Multi-document page

1. Go to the Multidocument webpage.  There are three ways to add a document.

2. Title your document.

3. Add your document with one of the following options:

Option 1: This allows you to upload a document straight from your computer. It also places the document in your document drawer so it's stored in the file cabinet.

Option 2:  This allows you to select one of your documents from your Document Drawer you've already uploaded. Select the document that you wish to add.

Option 3: This allows you to add a document that's been shared with all the users of the website. Select the document you wish to add.

4. Select the order you want the document to be displayed among your other documents and then click Save.


You can always edit your document by going to the Manage Document section 

Click on the green pencil next to the document you want to update.

You can a document by clicking the red trashcan.

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