Emergency Procedures Section

Adding Emergency Procedures

Something you will find useful to have on your site for easy access is your Emergency Procedures. Having this accessible on your website will allow staff to easily pull up your procedures in an emergency situation and is recommended for all schools.

In an effort to better serve you our staff has created an Emergency Procedures Template which you can preview at: https://www.demoforschools.com/index.php?pageID=221084_2 

Use username and password: 911 to access and preview

We would love to build an Emergency Procedures section for your District too! Please submit your request by filling out a support ticket from the HELP center of your Dashboard. One of our Client Success Agents will reach out to you with instructions on how to upload your documents and update the username and password for your new Emergency Procedure section!

Add Procedure Documents

1. To add the necessary document click on the procedure title:

2. Upload the file using one of the available options;

3. Click SAVE to add the document to the page

Do this for each section of your Emergency Procedures before turning on the visibility and announcing the login information to your staff.


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