Adding Board Documents

Adding Board Documents

In this article I will walk you through creating a Board Policies or Board Documents page and how to upload or edit the documents.

Upload your Documents

First you want to upload your documents.

1. Log in to your Dashboard and find your Document Drawer located in the File Cabinet within the Control Panel on the left.

Create a new folder for your Board Policies, choose whether or not to share the folder with all Campuses and click Save.

To add your documents to your folder click "Manage Documents" to the right of the folder you've just created.

Drag and drop documents into the upload box or use the "Select Files" button to browse your computer and select files to be uploaded.

Once files have been uploaded they will be listed below the upload area.

Click on the green pencil to edit the title of the document.

Creating the Board Policies Page

Now that we've uploaded our documents we can create our Board Policies page.

In your Control Panel go to Pages and navigate to the section where you want to create your Board Policies Page. For this example, I will create my Board Policies page in my Board of Education section.


Click "Add a Page to This Section" and select "FAQ" as your page type and title it "Board Policies".


Adding your Board Documents

In the "Manage Pages" section of Board of Education

Click on the page title of the FAQ page you just created.

Use the "Add Entry" option to create sections to organize your Board Documents.

Put your section title in the Question or Entry field:

Then use the Answer field to create links to the documents you uploaded to your file cabinet at the beginning of this article.

Updating/Editing Board Documents

When Board Policies need to be updated, added to, deleted, or edited you can follow these steps:

Go to your Board Policies page and click "Manage Entries"

Click on the green pencil next to the Board Policy section that needs to be edited

Make your changes and click UPDATE at the bottom of the page.

Finished Board Policies Page

Your finished page should look something similar to this:

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