Site Loads 8/23/2020

Site Loads 8/23/2020

Good morning, 

Yesterday afternoon we started experiencing slow webpage loads and we immediately began looking into the issue.  By the evening as traffic increased, websites were intermittent between being slow to completely down for a period of time.  While our outage earlier this month was due to the DDOS attack, this one appears to have been a biproduct of those attacks. 

The issue was related to the SSL Certifications we provide free to our clients.  The SSL Certificate is what provides the secure HTTPS on the beginning of your website URL.   As a web user accesses your website, the SSL Certificate verifies the content is secure. Yesterday, it was taking an extended period of time to verify the secure SSL Certificates were valid for every webpage accessed.  These delays were causing web browsers to time out and not load pages.

We found the problem was due to a corrupted file system on the SSL Certificate system due to the vast log files created during the attack earlier this month.  The issue was corrected at 9:59pm last night.   

I know many of our schools are starting their first day of school today and others are dealing with storms coming in from the Gulf.  I am extremely sorry for the outage. 



Teddy Gabbart
President & CEO
Gabbart Communications

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