Control Panel Update!!!

Control Panel Update!!!

Our team has been working hard over the past year and are excited to release all of our new updates for you to start using to manage your Gabbart website.  The update will begin at 8pm tonight, Sunday, July 7th.   End Users will not see any changes to the front of your website, however, there is a slight chance of slow load times / outage during a 3 - 5 minute window of this update. 

We have created 2 videos to highlight the many new benefits you will have on Monday morning, which includes many new design features and a fully responsive CMS control panel.  Please watch the overview video.  This update also changes the Page Stack, giving it more functionality with an easier interface to use.  Please see the How To Use the New Page Stack video here.  Tomorrow, we will be releasing updates to the HC3 app that will give you complete control of your website from within the app, allowing you to not only manage News, Calendars, and Mass Notifications, but every page and function.  

We don’t anticipate any issues, but it is the largest single update released with over 400 files being updated.  You will not be able to log into your website during this maintenance window to update any content.  Once testing has been completed on our end, we will open up the Login Function again and send another email.

Because this is such a large update that impacts every part of our websites, our developers and graphic design team are working tonight to review many sites to verify there aren’t any issues that require their attention.  If you have any issues on Monday morning, please let us know.  

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